Daryl Dixon Season 1 Finale

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon was one of the biggest surprises of 2023. The spin-off series has expanded the world of The Walking Dead and has set itself up for a riveting second season. And while the series was a great standalone addition to The Walking Dead universe, there are also some things that we hope the show addresses in season two.

The end of first season leaves Daryl with an important choice: stay in France and save Laurent, or return to America. Either of these choices will have major implications for the story of the spin-off and the franchise as a whole. Many viewers may have a number of questions about the show and its future that need answers, which is why we’ve put together a list of things that we expect the show will address next season.

Here are ten questions that we have after watching the finale of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Will Daryl Choose to Leave France and Go Back Home?

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead_ Daryl Dixon

The first thing that the second season needs to address is whether Daryl will be staying in France. Despite how unthinkable leaving might seem, it’s important to see the bigger picture. While the plight of the Union of Hope may seem dire, Daryl also has his own problems to worry about and getting back home is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

However, it’s hard to say that a choice to return to America wouldn’t be disappointing. Seeing Daryl in a new setting was undoubtedly one of the best things about the spin-off series. Couple this with the cast of wonderful characters that can still be further fleshed out, and it’ll become more and more unlikely for Daryl to just call it a day and head back to Alexandria. At least not yet.

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Will Pouvoir Du Vivant Win Over the Union of Hope

Laïka Blanc-Francard as Sylvie

The finale of the spin-off reveals how dire things are between Genet’s forces and the Union of Hope. This is basically why Daryl staying in France is all but inevitable — he is the only path forward when it comes to turning the tides of the battle. It’s hard to tell who will win or how things will go down, but expect Daryl to be more involved in the fight against Genet in season two.

Will Daryl and Isabelle Get Together?

Daryl and Isabelle in The Walking Dead

The prospects of Daryl and the former nun Isabelle being romantically involved seemed farfetched in the show’s first season. However, the first season did set up the possibility of everyone’s favorite zombie survivor being in love. In the first season, audiences get to see the two’s relationship develop naturally. And while romance is still a long shot, there’s no doubt that the two have obviously developed a good relationship built on care and trust.

Who is Genet and What Does She Really Want?

Anne Charrier as Genet

Genet was the big bad of the show’s first season. And while the show isn’t lacking when it comes to showing the extent of her power, the audience doesn’t really know who Genet is and what makes her tick. The franchise’s best villains are all known for being fully fleshed out characters. Having a good understanding of a character’s upbringing and motivations allow audiences to be more engaged with the story that the show has crafted. Hopefully season two explores Genet even more and gives audiences a glimpse into who she is outside of being the leader of Pouvoir Du Vivant.

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What Is the Truth Behind the Zombie Virus?

Zombies in The Walking Dead_ Daryl Dixon

The truth behind the zombie virus has been hinted upon throughout the entire season, and was a large part of previous plot lines in the original series. And since Genet seems to know more about the mystery of the zombie outbreak than she has revealed, we may be getting more answers in season two. Understanding the truth behind the zombies could help bring Daryl and the rest of the survivors one step closer to coming up with a solution to the zombie plague.

Are the Zombie Variants in France Connected to the Ones in the United States?

Zombie Variant in The Walking Dead_ Daryl Dixon

Another reason why it’s safe to assume that we’ll know the truth behind the zombies sooner rather than later are Genet’s experiments — like her experimental serum, revealed to be the reason behind the mysterious zombie variants present in the spin-off. A question that season two needs to address is whether the serum also played a role in zombie variants in the United States. While they may not be directly related, the variants in the United States may have been created in a similar manner. If this is the case, then some person or organization in the US must also be doing experiments on the undead.

Will They Find a Cure?

Zombie in The Walking Dead_ Daryl Dixon

Aside from new variants, the show also introduced the idea of a possible cure to the zombie threat, like Rick once chased in the original series. While the developments made by Genet and Pouvoir Du Vivant are nowhere near being an acceptable solution to the zombies that plague the world, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that these experiments could lead to a permanent answer to the zombie threat.

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Is Laurent Immune to the Zombie Virus?

Louis Puech Scigliuzzi as Laurent Carrière

By the end of the series, it’s revealed that Laurent’s supposedly supernatural abilities were all a farce. However, we also learn something incredibly important concerning Laurent’s birth. While he isn’t the second coming of the divine, Isabelle reveals that Laurent’s mother was basically a zombie when she gave birth to him. While this doesn’t confirm that the boy is immune to the virus, this could very well be something that the show continues to explore in the second season.

Who or What Was Carol Talking About?

Carol in The Walking Dead

Since Carol is already confirmed to play a bigger role in season two, we’ll likely get more answers surrounding one of the franchise’s most popular characters. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Carol is about someone or something that “came back” to Alexandria. This could mean anything, as the show has been incredibly vague with what she was referring to. Only time will tell what or who is back, but with Carol in the mix, things are sure to become even more interesting either way.

Is Rick Coming Back?

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

Fans of the show have been speculating about the return of Rick Grimes for years. And considering that the show already brought back Carol, a Rick reunion might just be in the works as well. Daryl initially set off to look for Rick after all, so having the iconic character finally make his return to the franchise in this spin-off isn’t outside the realm of possibility. It may not happen by season two, but it would be the ultimate payoff, considering it’s what started Daryl on his path in the show.


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