Dead on Arrival (1949) Colorized | Film Noir | Edmond O’Brien, Pamela Britton | with subtitles

Time’s ticking. A poisoned man’s race to solve his own murder.
a man discovers he has been poisoned, and has only hours to unravel the mystery of his impending death, leading him on a relentless and suspenseful quest for the truth.

Original title: D.O.A. (1949) AKA: Dead on Arrival

Black & White version:

Director: Rudolph Maté
Writers: Russell Rouse, Clarence Greene
Stars: Edmond O’Brien, Pamela Britton, Luther Adler
Genre: Classics, Cult Film, Drama, Mystery, Film Noir

00:00 Full Movie
02:14 💔 A man named Frank Bigelow is informing someone about a murder he claims to be the victim of, and he urgently requests to speak to the person in charge.
12:22 🥃 Frank Bigelow is on vacation in San Francisco and receives a message from someone named Phillips who wants to urgently speak with him.
20:54 😱 A man discovers he has been poisoned and has only a short time to live.
31:55 🔍 A man discovers that he has been poisoned and seeks answers about who did it and why.
42:53 💔 A man named Phillips was involved in a shady deal with a rare and expensive metal called iridium, which was stolen. He was arrested but released on bail, and later committed suicide. There are suspicions surrounding the circumstances of his death.
49:56 🕵️ A mysterious conversation takes place regarding the whereabouts of Reynolds and Phillips, as well as the existence of a sale document.
1:01:06 😨 A conversation takes place where one person is seeking someone named Raymond Rakubian, but the other person is suspicious and accuses them of meddling in their affairs.
1:10:51 💔 A person expresses their love for someone, but the other person refuses their help and leaves. Later, a letter is discovered revealing a secret affair and the person is poisoned.



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