Disney Jeopardy • Ultimate Trivia Game Show • 2/23/24

How much do you know about Disney? Test your knowledge with the ultimate Disney game show, Disney 100 Jeopardy! Join Bryan Perri and take on 26 clues spanning all things Disney! Episode 55 covers The Rock, VHS Covers, Cinderella, Shows Filmed at Disney, and Disney Sandwiches.

1: Princes, Mountains, C-G-I, Adventure, Hotels
2: Trains, Name That Pirate, California, No Longer with Us, Omg Shoes
3: World Showcase, Disney on Broadway, Woof, Cruisin’, While You Wait
4: Tangled, The Boss, Tomorrowland, Look New Toys, Tasty
5: Villains, I’m On a Boat Ride, Mic, Key, Mouse
6: Frozen 2, Opening Night, Internationals, Disney Channel, MGM Studios
7: Disney Snacks, Song Winners, Pix, ‘R’ Rides, Aladdin(s)
8: The Little Mermaid, Box Office Blunders, Downtown Disney Springs, Live-
action Remakes, Don’t Forget Your Glasses
9: Disney Lyrics, Dragons, Pixar Quotes, Space, Opening Castles
10: Disneyland History, Princesses as Kids, Disney Ducks, High School
Musical, Non-animal Sidekicks
11: Voices, Disney Plus, California Adventure, Sleeping Beauty, The Disney Afternoon
12: Acquired IPs, Touchstone, Zootopia, Haunted Mansion, Film Scores
13: DCOM Taglines, Star Wars Debuts, Disney Seas, Coco, Monorail
14: The Muppets, Mother’s Day, Pixar Shorts, Songs During Credits, I’m Trash
15: Disney Cats, Safety Spiels, Star-lord, Pals with a Prince, Dinos
16: Who Said That, Villain Sidekicks, Rabbits, Alan Menken, Transportation
17: Outfits, Kingdom Hearts, Splash Mountain, Food, Rhyme Time
18: Lion King, Before and After, Captain Jack, Voices 2, Horses
19: Cruella, Dads, CM Outfits, Celebrity Casts, Spider-Men
20: Face Mash, Experiments, Princess & the Frog, Cars, MCU Villains, Siblings, Live-Action Originals, Directors, Star Wars Vehicles, 1-2-3 Parks
21: Before & After 2, Beauty & the Beast, Disney Channel Themes, Tower of Terror, Hidden Mickeys
22: Avatar, Rhyme Time 2, Moana, Before the Song, EPCOY
23: Last Lines, Moana, Phineas & Ferb, Taking your Place, The 70’s
24: Barbie in Toy Story, Sports Movies, Winnie the Pooh, This is the story of how I died, Park Castles
25: Lilo & Stitch, Enchanted, Animal Kingdom, Tail Spin, GHOSTS
26: Enchanted, Parades, 80s, Big Hero 6, Food
27: Tarzan, That Song looks Familiar, Title or Name, Water Parks, Old School
28: Frozen, Houses, Gravity Falls, Animatronics, Alan Tudyk
29: Force Awakens, MCU Shows, The Incredibles, Gang Green, Fake Company
30: Monsters INC, Video Games, Face Mash 2, I’m Trash 2, Anagrams – Before & After 3, Disney Labor, Fantasmic, Dynamic Duos, Silent Songs
31: Nightmare, Fairies, Jim Cummings, Name that Track, VHS Sequels
32: Songs in Reverse, 101 Dalmatians, Once Upon a Time, Out with the Old, Initials
33: ICU, Bears, Mary Poppins, I’ve Been There, Safety Spiels 2
34: Mark Elliott, Queue Clues, Pizza Planet Truck, Stan Lee Cameos, Hercules
35: Soundtracks, Main Streets USA, Emperor’s New Groove, It’s your Line, Order Up
36: Cancelled, Descendents, Pixar Sequels, Disneyland Paris, I have not been there
37: Park Duplicates, Darkwing Duck, Hello Belle, Loki, Name that Laugh
38: Last Words, Halloweentown, Attraction Baddies, instrumentals, Origins, Disney
39: Mandela Effects, Mighty Ducks, Hocus Pocus, Hunchback, Vehicles
40: Mulan, Bluey, Inside Out, Big Thunder, Once Upon a Studio
41: No-Shave November, Peter Pan, 11, Wait Time Signs, Robin Williams
42: Thanksgiving Day Parade, Football, Saying Thanks, Park Feasts, Thanksgiving Day Box Office
43: Live-Actimation, Great Mouse, Ride Tunes, Face Mash 3, Mickey Decades
44: Treasure, Grand Theft Disney, Look Down, I Wish, Pocahontas
45: Young Stars, Disneyland Wait Time Signs, Ratatouille, Storybook Openings, Acquired Princesses
46: Let it Snow, Disney Parks Holidays, Santa! I know him!, Olaf, Christmas
47: What a Year, 2023, 2024, Dancing, Midnight
48: Fonts, Stunt Singers, Alice, Let’s Go Shop, Kim Possible
49: First Lines, Disney Math, Villain Book Series, Resort Logos, Finding Nemo
50: 50 movies
51: Missing Colors, Disney on Broadway 2, The Simpsons, Hollywood Studios, Wreck-It Ralph
52: Movie Titles, Air Disney, Meet The Robinsons, EPCOT, Silent Villains
53: Love at First Line, Hearts, Singles Awareness, I Ship It, Flowers & Chocolate
54: Disney Rails, Newsies, Pixar Sandwiches, Promises You Don’t Intend to Keep, Crowns & Tiaras
55: The Rock, Disney Sandwiches, 90s VHS Art, Filmed at Disney, Cinderella

More Disney Jeopardy:

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03:11 200 Round
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10:02 600 Round
13:38 800 Round
16:39 1000 Round
21:44 Final Jeopardy

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