Double Deal (1939) | FULL MOVIE | Drama, Musical | Monte Hawley, Jeni Le Gon, Edward Thompson

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Genres: Drama, Music

Double Deal (1939) charms with its infectious rhythms and a heartwarming story of musical ambition. Monte Hawley as Jim McCoy delivers a captivating performance as a jazzman struggling to overcome racial prejudice in the music industry. His soulful duets with the stunning Jeni Le Gon as Nita Walker add a spark of romance and shared passion. However, the film’s simplistic plot and occasional melodramatic moments can’t match the raw energy of its musical sequences. Still, Double Deal offers a valuable snapshot of African American talent in Hollywood’s early years, making it a worthwhile watch for its historical significance and undeniable musical verve.

Director: Arthur Dreifuss

Writer: Arthur Hoerl

Producer: George Randol

Main Actors and Actresses:

Monte Hawley as Jim McCoy
Jeni Le Gon as Nita Walker
Edward Thompson as “Dude” Markey
Florence O’Brien as Sally
Freddie Jackson as Tommy McCoy

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