Dr Jack Sarfatti: UFO’s, Woke Politics, Institutional Decay, Nuclear Weapons Research, Ukraine War

Jack Sarfatti is an American theoretical physicist known for his work in quantum physics and consciousness. He was a leading member of the Fundamental Fysiks Group and has worked on warp-drive designs utilizing gravitational metamaterials.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Invitation from Abdul Salam in Trieste, Bob Lazar and F-Meson Spin 2 Massive Nuclear Gravity
10:52 – Mossad, Uri Geller and Bibi Netanyahu, Flying Saucers
19:00 – Kennedy Assassination, Congressional Hearings on UFO’s and UFO Disclosure
29:50 – Lack of a free Press, Ukraine War and Elon Musk
41:50 – Black Budgets and Asymmetric Advantages, Space-Time Metamaterials
54:42 – Jack Sarfatti’s Intuition and the Problem with Dogmatic Scientists and Beliefs
1:01:12 – Speed of Light in Vacuum, Invariance and Homogeneity, Breaking the Laws of Physics
1:04:07 – Strategic Ambiguity, Government Incompetency, Are Aliens and UFO’s Corelated
1:20:29 – Conspiracy Theories, US Elections, Jeffrey Epstein and Mossad and Reorganizing Government
1:32:11 – Kabballah and the Bible Code, Post Quantum Physics and Action Reaction Principle and Pilot Wave Theory
1:52:20 – Engineering Consciousness with Nano Technology and Artificial Neural Nets
2:00:05 – Sarfattis Ancient Heritages and Ram Das

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