Dragnet (1947) | FULL MOVIE | Crime, Drama, Film Noir | Henry Wilcoxon, Mary Brian, Virginia Dale

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Genres: Crime drama, Film noir

When a mysterious body washes ashore, Detective Lieutenant Tony Ricco finds himself on a case that stretches far beyond New York City. Joining forces with Scotland Yard’s Inspector Geoffrey James, they delve into a web of international intrigue, chasing jewel thieves from glamorous nightclubs to hidden laboratories. As they piece together the clues, they uncover a deadly conspiracy involving stolen diamonds, a captivating nightclub singer, and a brilliant but eccentric professor. Can Ricco and James navigate the cultural clash and untangle this perilous puzzle before time runs out, or will they become pawns in a game of international espionage? Buckle up for a thrilling ride in “Dragnet,” a classic film noir that blends sharp detective work with captivating twists and international intrigue.

Director: Leslie Goodwins

Writer: Barbara Worth, Harry Essex

Producer: William Perlberg

Main Actors and Actresses:

Henry Wilcoxon as Inspector Geoffrey James (pictured)
Mary Brian as Lili St. Andrews (pictured)
Douglass Dumbrille as Detective Lieutenant Tony Ricco (pictured)
Virginia Dale as Miss Perkins (pictured)
Don C. Harvey as Tex Ritter (pictured)
Ralph Dunn as Mr. LeRoy (pictured)
Ludwig Stössel as Professor Wickersham (pictured)

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