Ellery Queen: Don’t Look Behind You (1971) | FULL MOVIE | Mystery, Thriller | Peter Lawford

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Genres: Mystery, Thriller

A killer stalks the city, leaving a trail of cryptic clues and strangled victims in their wake. Enter Ellery Queen, the master detective with a mind sharper than a razor. Aided by his gruff yet insightful father, Inspector Queen, Ellery delves into a web of deceit and danger, where every suspect harbors a dark secret. As the body count rises and the killer tightens their grip, Ellery must race against time to decipher the clues and unmask the murderer before it’s too late. Will Ellery unravel the twisted puzzle before the killer strikes again, or will he become the next victim in this deadly game of cat and mouse?

Director: Barry Shear

Writers: Ted Leighton, Frederic Dannay, Manfred Lee

Producer: Stanley Greenberg

Main Cast:

Peter Lawford as Ellery Queen
Harry Morgan as Inspector Richard Queen
E.G. Marshall as Dr. Edward Cazalis
Skye Aubrey as Christy
Stefanie Powers as Celeste Phillips
Coleen Gray as Mrs. Cazalis
Morgan Sterne as Police Commissioner
Bill Zuckert as Sgt. Velie

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