End of the Road (1944) | FULL MOVIE | Crime, Thriller | Edward Norris, John Abbott, June Storey

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Genres: Crime, thriller

In the shadows of war-torn America, two strangers collide on a desolate highway. Tom, a haunted G.I. desperate to reunite with his family, and Johnny, a smooth-talking hustler with secrets in his backseat. A wrong turn unleashes a deadly secret, a web of lies leading to a secluded desert town shrouded in suspicion. As night bleeds into dawn, they must confront their demons and each other, for this road holds only two endings: redemption or a dead end. Dare to ride… to the End of the Road.

Director: George Blair


Denison Clift
Gertrude Walker
Albert Beich

Producer: William H. Pine

Main actors and actresses:

Edward Norris (Tom Randall)
John Abbott (Johnny Adams)
June Storey (Judy Mason)
Jonathan Hale (Dr. Edwards)
Pierre Watkin (Professor Miller)
Ted Hecht (Nick)

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