Ep 155 Sarinda Gets Sole, Gemma Gets Floored! #boatrestoration

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About Sarinda – ML1392

Wartime Activities
6/44 Operation Neptune Invasion of Normandy
149th ML Flotilla
ML1295, ML1309, ML1383, ML1387, ML1389, ML1391, ML1392, ML1393, ML1407, ML1409, ML1421. ML1422
6/6/44 Channel Marker at Gold Beach on D-Day
Distributing instructions in the assault anchorage after the first landings in Normandy (Gazette Date – 19/12/44)
6/3/45 Captured a German Biber Type midget submarine off Breskens in the Scheldt Estuary. Eleven Bibers had sortied that day. Four were found abandoned along the coast at North Beveland, Knocke, Domberg and Zeebrugge.
One was sunk by gunfire off Westkapelle on 8 March and five vanished.

Post War Fate
1946 Fast Despatch Boat = FDB73
10/47 HM Customs & Excise = Valiant
1967 Sold = Frol – Pejo
1974 =Sarinda (Charter work on Crinan Canal)
1980-91 Extensive conversion to luxury motor yacht
11/95 Base ported at Liverpool

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