Eurospy, Action, Crime – 1967 – Full Movie – 720p

1hr38min- When two oil company executives are found dead, investigator Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond (Richard Johnson, “Some Girls Do”) is brought onto the case. Soon, Drummond and his young, mod nephew, Robert (Steve Carlson, “Nobody’s Perfect”), are circling the globe on the trail of a pair of gorgeous assassins, Irma (Elke Sommer, “The Venetian Affair”) and Penelope (Sylva Koscina, “Hercules”), who assassinate important businessmen after ensnaring them with their feminine wiles and stealing their secrets and money. This entry into the world of the 1960’s eurospy genre is one of the best, due to its witty dialogue, great visual direction, 60’s mod vibe, swinging soundtrack, inventive fights and deaths, and tongue-in-cheek style.