Every Young Sheldon Character Confirmed for the Georgie & Mandy Spinoff


  • Fans fell in love with Young Sheldon, the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, showcasing Sheldon’s formative years and family antics.
  • As Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage spin-off is set to debut, beloved characters like Georgie, Mandy, and Jim McAllister are confirmed.
  • While familiar faces from Young Sheldon may make cameo appearances in the new spin-off series, the focus seems to be on Mandy’s side of the family.

When The Big Bang Theory came to an end in 2019 after a glorious run of 12 seasons, fans were sad to say goodbye to the nerdy gang at Caltech. But they soon drifted towards Young Sheldon, the prequel spin-off series that focused on the early life of Sheldon Cooper.

The show debuted on CBS in 2017 and was a ratings hit almost immediately, charming viewers with its humor. The episodes centered around 9-year-old Sheldon, obviously too clever for his age, as he navigated high school, academics, and family antics in East Texas.

Over the past seven seasons, Young Sheldon has continued to delight fans. The younger version of Sheldon is played brilliantly by Iain Armitage. The other scene-stealing performers include Zoe Perry as his worrying mother Mary Cooper and Lance Barber as his befuddled father George Cooper. Rounding out the hilarious Cooper clan are Sheldon’s sister Missy, played by Raegan Revord, and his rebellious older brother Georgie, portrayed by Montana Jordan.

By offering a glimpse into Sheldon’s formative years, Young Sheldon has resonated with audiences on a deeper level than even The Big Bang Theory. The show’s massive popularity indicates that viewers are here to stay, which for a comedy show on network television is an incredible feat. Now that the show is set to air its hour-long finale and bid farewell to fans, CBS is looking to take another beloved character’s story forward.

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Word from the network is that a new spin-off titled Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage is set to arrive for their 2024–2025 TV season. The show will focus on Georgie Cooper and his wife Mandy, following the couple after they have their baby Constance and get married in Season 7 of Young Sheldon. The newlyweds are ready to step into parenthood, raise their daughter CeeCee, and navigate a life outside of the Cooper chaos.

The brief Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage trailer hasn’t given up much when it comes to the new casting. And while the title characters are definitely confirmed, will the rest of the show comprise familiar faces? Or will it explore new territories and leave room for Georgie and Mandy to create a world of their own? In this article, we will take a look at each of the four confirmed Young Sheldon characters who will be reprising their roles for this new prequel spin-off.

Montana Jordan

Growing up isn’t easy, especially with four siblings in the house. But for Young Sheldon’s George “Georgie” Cooper Jr, it was even more difficult being the only non-genius in the Cooper clan. However, he brought levity and comic relief to the show with his witty sense of humor and carefree spirit.

Played by Montana Jordan, Georgie brought some kind of balance as the rebellious older brother to young Sheldon. Even though he was always resentful towards his parents for gracing Sheldon with all their care and attention, he found himself turning to sports and using street smarts to his benefit. While not excelling academically, Jordan’s character managed to establish a successful tire store chain.

Montana Jordan is confirmed to reprise his role as the adult Georgie Cooper in the new spinoff series Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage. As one of the lead characters, fans can expect him to showcase a new side of Georgie as he navigates much bigger responsibilities like marriage and parenthood.

Married life is sure to be tough on Georgie, but it will bring his nurturing qualities as a new father waiting to prove himself. Fans are looking forward to seeing Georgie excel in this next chapter of his life.

Emily Osment

With Jordan having been signed, it is obvious that Emily Osment will continue playing the role of Georgie’s 30-year-old girlfriend and new wife Mandy. Osment first showed up on Young Sheldon in Season 5 as Amanda “Mandy” Elizabeth McAllister, a young woman Georgie first bumps into at Meemaw’s Laundromat/Gambling Room.

When they first start dating, they lie about their ages. Georgie says he’s 21 and Mandy tells him she’s 25. Regardless, they share a genuinely beautiful chemistry and watching their romance blossom is truly amazing.

Osment will star in Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage as Mandy Cooper. The spinoff series will see her as a mother to CeeCee. Fans can anticipate Osment imbuing the role with new dimensions and depth because now she will be playing a young wife and mother. With her excellent comedic timing and compassionate screen presence, Osment is sure to become a beloved TV mother through Mandy’s character alongside Montana’s Georgie.

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Will Sasso

A comedian, actor and podcaster, Will Sasso was an invaluable gem for five seasons on Mad TV, following which he starred in a bunch of movies like Happy Gilmore and the 2012 film reboot of The Three Stooges. He appeared on Young Sheldon in Season 6 as Jim McAllister, Mandy’s father. He was a good-natured man, often getting stuck in a crossfire between his wife and daughter.

As a breakout star of TV and film, Sasso elevated every McAllister scene with his iconic blend of wit and warmth.

According to a recent report by TV Line, it has been confirmed that Will Sasso will now reprise the indispensable role of Jim McAllister in Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage. As the new spinoff will focus on Mandy’s marriage and motherhood, her father’s big-hearted presence will add emotional beats to the narrative.

So far, the McAllisters have not been a huge part of the Cooper family, but the new series promises that and much more. Especially because unlike Audrey, Jim gets along with Georgie and is used to guiding him through parenthood.

Rachel Bay Jones

In Young Sheldon’s Season 6, Rachel Bay Jones appeared as Audrey McAllister, Mandy’s mother. A vivacious and loving mother, she was nothing like her husband when it came to asserting herself and trying to influence Mandy’s life decisions.

Overbearing in nature, Audrey wanted what’s best for Mandy and she genuinely believed that Georgie wasn’t it. She did not take the news of Mandy’s pregnancy well, but by the time Season 7 rolled in, Audrey seemed to warm up to the idea and grew kinder.

Jones made sure Audrey’s character was multidimensional. She was sweet at times, exasperated other times, humorous, but always a force to be reckoned with. In the new Big Bang Theory spinoff, Rachel Bay Jones will be playing Audrey McAllister once again. Although this time around, we’re looking forward to seeing her as a caring, authentic, and spirited woman. Jones is sure to explore Audrey’s love for her expanding family as Mandy and Georgie start their own.

What About The Rest of the Young Sheldon Characters?

With staple characters like Georgie, Mandy, Jim McAllister and Audrey McAllister set to return, we cannot help but wonder – will any other beloved Young Sheldon roles be reprised for Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage?

Many believe that, because characters like Sheldon, Missy and Meemaw Cooper were integral parts of the Cooper family dynamic, their appearance in the spinoff series, even in cameo form, could help enhance the nostalgic appeal of revisiting a genuinely heartwarming family from the past. But when TVLine asked Iain Armitage about whether or not he would want to join the cast of Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage, he said,

“If I got a call to go back, that’d be so much fun. I’d be honored to. I’m also just excited to get to sit back on my couch with some popcorn and watch their show because they’re so good. But I could totally see myself getting in the khakis again, putting on the old penny loafers and bow tie, and going back out on the job.”

On the other hand, Raegan Revord isn’t particularly excited about playing Missy again. She revealed in an interview that she’s “not sure,” adding,

“I mean, if
Young Sheldon
had gotten more seasons, I would have 10,000% signed on to do more. But now that it’s over, I’m also kind of excited to see what else is out there and try different things. Something dramatic would be a lot of fun.”

The fact that Will Sasso and Rachel Bay Jones will be reprising their roles indicates that the spinoff will focus more on Mandy’s side of the family. The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon have pretty much covered the Cooper clan’s narrative arcs in equal capacity, and to have the show venture into a new direction would be a refreshing change.

While viewers have their fingers crossed for more familiar faces to stop by for cameos, only time will tell who else from Young Sheldon may return to take us back in time.