Film-Noir | The Unholy Four (1954) Paulette Goddard, William Sylvester | Movie, Subtitles

A man on a fishing trip with three of his friends receives a blow to the head that makes him lose his memory. Three years later it all comes back to him, but on the day it does one of the men who was on the trip with him turns up dead.

Original title: The Stranger Came Home
Director: Terence Fisher
Writers: Leigh Brackett, Michael Carreras, George Sanders
Stars: Paulette Goddard, William Sylvester, Patrick Holt
Genres: Classics, Drama, Mystery, FIlm Noir

CCC Chapters:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:50 Surprise visitor
00:05:19 Party tricks
00:10:07 Philip Vickers starts investigating
00:12:54 Enter Angie
00:13:59 Vic’s memories of his murder
00:16:27 They found Harry
00:19:32 Police start investigating
00:27:08 Social secretary vacation
00:41:24 Blackmail
00:52:55 Angie Vickers arrest



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