Framed (1947) Classic American Film Noir Crime Full Movies Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan

Framed is a 1947 Classic American Film Noir full length movie directed by Richard Wallace and starring Glenn Ford, Janis Carter and Barry Sullivan.

Mike Lambert (Glenn Ford) is a man in search of employment in the mining industry, eagerly seeking a fresh start. In the meantime, he takes on odd jobs to make ends meet, one of which involves driving a delivery truck. Little does he know that this particular assignment is about to take a disastrous turn. The truck he is operating has faulty brakes, leading to a harrowing traffic incident. Despite being aware of the potential danger, Mike had no choice but to accept the job due to his circumstances. As a result, he finds himself facing a court hearing, compelled to answer for his actions.

If you love classic American movies, then you need to watch Framed! This 1947 classic crime thriller features Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, and Barry Sullivan and is packed full of suspense and mystery.

This full movie is a must-watch for any movie fan, and it’s also a great way to learn about classic American cinema. Watch Framed and you’ll be hooked on classic American crime movies for good!

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