FUEGO (HD, Full Action Movie, Gangster Mafia Film, English, 2007) *full free films*

Entire Full HD Movie, Full Action Gangster Movie, Full Length Feature Film, English, Original Language: FUEGO. Fuego is a 2007 action thriller directed by Damian Chapa and starring Damian Chapa, David Carradine, Elena Talan.

Rating: PG-13

The daughter of the American Ambassador to Spain has been kidnapped. There is only one man who can save her.

An escaped Mexican prisoner, Julio, crosses paths with a secret agent named Lobo. Lobo changes Julio’s name to Fuego and enlists him to rescue an ambassador’s daughter taken hostage by a terrorist group.

Director: Damian Chapa
Writers: Damian Chapa, Carlton Holder
Actors: Damian Chapa, David Carradine, Charles Arthur Berg, Mauro Blanco, Enrique Castillo
Runtime: 103 minutes

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A Mexican prisoner escapes through the jungles of Chiapas crossing paths with a secret agent Lobo. Lobo has a crisis at his hands, and only Julio, the ex-con can help, based on his past spy experience. Lobo gives Julio money, cars and everything else he needs to travel the world and rescue the very beautiful Ambassador’s daughter who has been taken by the ETA terrorist group. Lobo changes Julio’s life and even his name to Fuego which means “fire” .And, that is exactly what Fuego does. He sets the world on fire as he takes out anyone in the way of getting what he needs to erase his criminal past. From beginning to the end Fuego takes us on an action packed journey through Spain. Fuego stops at nothing to save the innocent girl. As he is about to rescue the girl, someone betrays him. Fuego sets out for revenge. Stay away from the fire.