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The Civil War is over and the Traven brothers are going home. But what Mac (Tom Selleck, Quigley Down Under) and Dal (Sam Elliott, Tombstone) find upon their arrival is a town ravaged by Confederate rebels who’ve refused to surrender. Swearing to fight the Yankees to the bitter end, the guerillas have kidnapped the Travens’ younger sisters – as well as Dal’s sweetheart, Kate (Katharine Ross, Shenandoah) – and plan to sell them to a brothel in Mexico to raise money for guns and bullets. Determined to rescue their loved ones, Mac and Dal bust their Uncle Black Jack (Oscar® winner Ben Johnson, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, The Last Picture Show, 1971) out of prison and head south of the border, where they aim to finish a war they thought had already ended.

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Full Movie | The Shadow Riders | Wild Westerns


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