G Code 2 – Tales of King City (2015) (Houston Hood Movie)

Tales of King City …is the second episode of the G Code film series. The film series was a popular Houston & Texas DVD. The story was bought twice but never continued. @Black King Entertainment bought back the rights in 2019 and is now working to continue the series. The story line will be further explained in up coming episodes. STAY TUNED !

G Code is a film series dedicated to all the homies we lost nationwide.


In the aftermath of the dismantling of King City’s notorious Original Gangsters by Federal and Local Authorities, a once-thriving city now stands on the brink of chaos, plagued by relentless gun violence. The 1960s saw an alarming surge in crime, prompting a wave of white flight, leaving businesses and homes abandoned in its wake. Budget cuts crippled the local authorities, leaving the streets under the control of ruthless gangs. But hope emerged when the Gang leaders decided to unite for a truce, giving birth to a Code of Conduct known as the G Code, aimed at restoring peace to King City.

In the early 1980s, the city experienced a renaissance of sorts, with prosperity spreading its wings. The youth received better education, families were well-fed, and parents were present in their children’s lives. Block parties became a symbol of unity and joy, generously sponsored by the Original Gangsters themselves – food, drinks, and music performances galore. Life seemed good, until the United States Government declared an all-out war on drugs, leading to the incarceration of all five Original Gangsters by 1985.

With their influential presence gone, the G Code lost its grip on the city, setting King City on a path to destruction. Block parties turned into battlegrounds, leaving grieving families and fatherless children in their wake. The once-respected Code was forgotten or ignored by the new breed of violent individuals roaming the decaying streets, where survival is the only law that matters.

As each day unfolds, King City finds itself engulfed in a relentless torrent of bloodshed, where episodes of tragedy and conflict play out on its darkened streets. Can anyone step up to revive the forgotten G Code and restore order to this once-thriving city? In the face of unbridled chaos, the battle for King City’s soul has never been more critical.

Written and Produced by : Rico King

Black King Entertainment