Gang Busters 1942- 13 Chapter Movie Serial HD

The city is terrorized by a crime wave masterminded by the elusive, soft-spoken Professor Mortis (Ralph Morgan) from his base in a forgotten cavern beneath the rails of the city’s subway line. He declares over the radio that The League of Murdered Men will exact revenge upon the city unless all the city officials, especially the mayor and Chief of Police, are turned out of office. Mortis’s gang members were officially pronounced dead in prison after having supposedly committed suicide (in reality taking a drug that suspended animation) but later revived by medical genius Mortis, who recruited them to do his bidding.
Kent Taylor as Det. Lt. Bill Bannister
Irene Hervey as Vicki Logan, reporter
Ralph Morgan as Professor Mortis
Robert Armstrong as Det. Tim Nolan
The League of Murdered Men
The Death Plunge
Murder Blockade
Hangman’s Noose
Man Undercover
Under Crumbling Walls
The Water Trap
Murder by Proxy
Gang Bait
Mob Vengeance
Wanted at Headquarters
The Long Chance
Law and Order