Gang Smashers by Leo C. Popkin 1938 Evergreen Classic Film Movie of All Times

Gang Smashers, also released as Gun Moll, is an American film released in 1938. It features an African American cast. Leo C. Popkin directed the Million Dollar Productions film from a screenplay by Ralph Cooper. The University of South Carolina libraries have an 8-page pressbook for the film. Nina Mae McKinney stars in the film a thriller about the Harlem underworld and racketeering.

The opening of the film is a dedication to African American in law enforcement signed by Harry M. Popkin.

“Gang Smashers” is a 1938 film directed by Leo C. Popkin. This classic crime drama set in the 1930s New York City revolves around the conflict between rival gangs and law enforcement. It follows the story of a courageous police officer determined to dismantle the criminal empire led by a powerful and charismatic gangster. As tensions rise, secrets are unveiled, and the battle for control of the city’s underworld intensifies.

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This movie is in public domain.



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