Gangster’s Den – Full Length Western Movies

Black is after both Taylor’s saloon and the Lane ranch. Fuzzy takes the gold from his and Billy’s mine and buys Taylor’s saloon. This puts him and Billy in conflict with Black and his gang.
Fuzzy (Al St. John) is upset that the ranch hands spend their time and money at a saloon where they lose their money drinking and gambling. Fuzzy decides to buy the saloon to keep an eye on the men and moderate their vices, but a shifty lawyer has other ideas and plans to use murder to get his way.
Gangster’s Den is a 1945 American Producers Releasing Corporation Western film of the “Billy the Kid” series directed by Sam Newfield. The film is notable for having three comedy relief characters; Al St. John, Emmett Lynn and Charles King who usually plays the villain.
Fuzzy uses sacks of gold dust, saved by himself & Billy, to buy a bar from Taylor, who is trying to avoid selling it to crooked lawyer Black, who wants to bar and property as part of a valuable mining property land grab. While Black and his henchmen try to scare off Fuzzy, Billy has his hands full battling Black and helping Ruth Lane to save her brother Jim from losing money gambling with Black’s henchmen and then their ranch to Black. Decent entry in the Billy Carson series, which doesn’t feature Crabbe/Billy that much, but focuses Fuzzy’s comedy antics and his encounters with Emmett Lynn as the bar’s new cook and Charlie King as Fuzzy’s bodyguard with a taste for strange booze concoctions. All in all, it’s a fun hour to spend watching this.
Gangster’s Den – Full Length Western Movies