Germany, 1939, crime drama. Film 12919

Germany. 1939, crime story. The crime story continues from film 12918: The car owner’s innocence is proved by a confrontation via TV phone; then the culprit is spotted on the TV at a live broadcast on a race track.
Interesting feature film combining a crime story with a demonstration of modern technology. Science Fiction and predicting the future.
A man in the police station in Munich. He describes his car that has been stolen – it is the same that has caused the accident in Berlin. The police do not believe that he wasn’t driving. the man is in a hurry because he wants to go to Amsterdam, so he wants to prove immediately that he is not guilty; the attendant who could prove the man’s innocence is in Berlin, and it would take to long to send a picture. So the officer has a different idea… They walk down the street to a post office. A sign saying “Fernsehsprechstelle” (TV phone a sort of video conference ). They enter the building. In the TV booth. The Munich police officer and the Berlin police officer talk and see each other on the TV screen. – The confrontation of the suspect and the witness. The attendant verifies that the suspect is innocent. The officer asks the attendant to make a written statement. – TV presenter announces live outside broadcasting from the Hoppegart race track. Attendant and officer listen to the broadcast on the radio. Then they switch on the television. – The race track in Hoppegart. Crowds. A broadcasting van. A TV control room; directions. A camera on a dolly is moved and pans. In the control room: the broadcast begins. – In the police station. The witness recognizes the culprit on TV, at the race track. – Broadcasting from the van. – The police officer phones to the control room and gives directions how to move the camera in order to find the culprit. They find him, and two officers rush out of the office to their cars. – A reporter comments on the race. The race. The reporter commenting, with binoculars. – Officer and witness watch the race with excitement (on their TV screen). Excited spectators at the race track. Two policemen arrest the culprit. – The presenter announces the end of the program.


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