Get Christie Love! (Crime, Drama) ABC Movie of the Week – 1974 #ABCmow

Original Broadcast: Tuesday, January 22, 1974
Genre: Action/Drama

Plot Summary
A tough-talking, hip, Karate-chopping, black policewoman named
Christie Love goes undercover to infiltrate the local mob that dominates the
city’s narcotics trade. Along the way, Christie not only fights crime but
sexism and racism as well. This is a “Blaxploitation” sanitized-for-television movie.

Cast: Teresa Graves (Christie Love), Harry Guardino (Capt. Casey Reardon),
Louise Sorel (Helena Varga), Paul Stevens (Enzo Cortino), Andy
Romano (Sgt. Seymour Greenberg), Debbie Dozier (Amy), Tracey Roberts
(Gwen Fenley), Lee Paul (Max Loomis), Lynne Holmes (Celia Jackson),
Bill Henderson (Sgt. Stoner Martin), Titos Vandis (Spilliotis), Davis
Roberts (Myron Jones)

Producer: Peter Nelson, David L. Wolper Productions
Director: William A. Graham Teleplay: George Kirgo; based on the novel The Ledger by Dorothy Uhnak.

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