Gloria (1980) Great Mob Movie

DCOM20 Presents This Video To The World Because We Here at DCOM20 Are Good Folks Gloria (1980) is a great mob movie. It is far better than other mob movies such as The Untouchables (1987), which is more of a cartoon-ish style movie that exaggerates the stories as seen on tv versus what the real Chicago mob was.
Another movie that just is not in the league of Gloria (1980) is Donnie Brasco (1997). One of the few scenes that gave off a real world New York City mafia feel was the time a bunch of the family members were on the sidewalk waiting for the boss to arrive, and this barley had the feel of real New York in those days.
But large sections were just corny, such as when Lefty was on the FBI ship bow pouting as Brasco is over talking to the mob guys. This is weak and college level movie making. Lefty is a career wiseguy, and to show him pouting on the bow like they did in the movie just lowers the movie level to that of the 1987 Capone movie. Silly nonsense for the most part.
It is fine to make a fairytale mob movie. The Irishman is obviously not accurate, but the movie gave the audience a look at how business was done about 1/2 century ago with unions, Pennsylvania mafia, and other aspects of life that have not been explored very much in movies, and certainly not very well.
Boyz N the Hood is not a mob movie or a movie about organized crime, but it was a very good movie showing the rough life people face in some parts of the country with people who are not in the mafia.
American Gangster (2007) also was not in the ballpark of Gloria (1980). It was an okay movie, but it did not give off the feel of what they were going through for those folks like Gloria and the cast did in Gloria (1980).
And lastly, Public Enemies (2009) with Johnny Depp also is in the catalog of movies that were okay but not in the ballpark of the greats like Gloria (1980).
Here is a list of “Special Effects” companies used by the makers of Public Enemies (2009):
Illusion Arts (special visual effects)
VFX Collective (visual effects)
Hammerhead Productions (visual effects)
Invisible Effects (visual effects)
Wildfire Visual Effects (visual effects)
Pixel Playground (visual effects)
Lowry Digital Images (visual effects)
KNB EFX Group (makeup effects)
RotoFactory (additional visual effects)
XYZ-RGB (cyber scanning)
This list is what helps make movies not be very good. Gloria (1980) used film and camera. The section under Special Effects under Gloria is empty. Gloria (1980) used actors, film, cameras, and excellent audio to get a great film done.
As usual, Depp and other movies turn their movies into some weird world that does not look like anywhere in the world except for in the world of movies that are not that good and will not be remembered for anything.
This problem also includes other movies made with the mob. Clerks is a great movie and can be included in a mob movie because of the marijuana dealing going on at the store, and the mob possibly getting of piece of the action, as Frank White in King of New York said. If a dime bag gets sold in the park, Frank wants in.
But, Clerks was made with about $26,000, and looked better than Clerks part 2 because the store was a real working store and the guys were working there and spending time there.
In another great movie by Kevin Smith, Mallrats, the example worked again. The action was filmed in real places and everyone looked like real people. Then all of a sudden Kevin is known to have real talent and he then is able to get funding, and immediately he failed with Clerks 2 because it looked ridiculous right away with the fake store.
If Kevin wanted wanted to make another great film like he had with Clerks and Mallrats, he should have used his own credit cards again and used his God given talents to achieve great things with little money, and actually lived the movie while making it like he did with Clerks. He worked at the store, and filmed at the store.