Godzilla Minus One Makes History With New Streaming Record


  • Godzilla Minus One
    set a streaming record by reaching number one on both Netflix and iTunes charts simultaneously.
  • Toho’s film reimagines original 1954 Godzilla and explores post-war Japan, telling the story of a struggling pilot.
  • Fans can now enjoy
    Godzilla Minus One
    on Netflix and various VOD platforms, with a potential Blu-ray release in the future.

Ever since its monumental Oscar win earlier this year for Best Visual Effects, fans who missed Godzilla Minus One in theaters have been eagerly awaiting its streaming release here in the United States. While there were rumblings that it might not debut on any platform until later in 2024, Netflix surprised everyone with the streaming premiere of the Toho film on June 1, 2024, to coincide with the movie’s surprise VOD sales and rental launch. Since then, Godzilla Minus One has been enjoyed not only by fans who missed its theatrical run, but by those who were so blown away by the film that they just had to see it again, and again, and again.

As per IndieWire, the release of Godzilla Minus One on both Netflix and VOD platforms set a major streaming record thanks to new and established fans who viewed the film. Not only did Takashi Yamazaki’s iconic take on the famed kaiju take the top spot on the Netflix charts, but it also rose to the top of the ranks to become number one on iTunes simultaneously. This marks the first time in history that a film streaming for free on one platform has also been number one on a paid VOD platform at the same time.

Godzilla Minus One

Release Date
December 1, 2023

Takashi Yamazaki

Ryûnosuke Kamiki , Takayuki Yamada , Sakura Andou

Hitting theaters in the U.S. and Canada on December 1, 2023, Godzilla Minus One became a roaring success, taking home an astounding $56.4 million dollars, making it the highest-grossing Japanese release of all-time, and the third highest-grossing live-action foreign language film behind Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Life is Beautiful. While it took a while for the franchise to finally earn its flowers, the 37th film in the legendary series became the first Godzilla movie to be nominated for an Academy Award, winning for Best Visual Effects.

Godzilla Minus One Bucked Streaming Traditions

The release of Godzilla Minus One on both Netflix and VOD platforms came as a surprise to many, but perhaps the most unusual thing in all this is that the film’s release bucked the traditional way that movies go from the theater to home media. Generally, a film will finish its theatrical run and head to PVOD, being available to rent for $19.99 and purchase for $24.99. After a few weeks, that price will usually be reduced to around $5.99 for a rental, and then it will be released for streaming on platforms such as Netflix, Max, and Prime Video.

Such was not the case with Godzilla Minus One, which became immediately available for free to Netflix subscribers, and available to rent at the low cost of $5.99 and purchase for $14.99 on platforms like iTunes, Prime Video, and Fandango. This could be due in part to the agreement between Toho and Legendary Pictures, who produce the costlier Godzilla films that are distributed by Warner Bros. such as the recent Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Though all that is pure conjecture at this point, as the terms of the deal between the companies are currently vague at best.


Godzilla Minus One Director Wants More Legendary Kaiju in the Sequel

Godzilla Minus One director Takashi Yamazaki reveals hopes for a sequel, wants to maintain serious tone when depicting kaiju-versus-kaiju battles.

Whatever the case, it’s the fans who have won out in the end, and are now available to watch Godzilla Minus One at home. There’s still no word on when the movie might get a physical media release in North America, but seeing how it hit shelves in Japan on May 1, 2024, one can assume that its Blu-ray debut in the U.S. won’t be far behind. Based on the unexpected streaming premiere, for all anyone knows, physical copies could be released without any prior warning.

Godzilla Minus One
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