Goodfellas vs. The Godfather – Mob Movies ft. Floriana Lima || S03E03

Dave and Blake drop the cannolis and call in the big guns in this mob movie showdown: Goodfellas vs. The Godfather. Friend of the show, cousin of Dave, and certified Italian Floriana Lima joins to help settle the debate once and for all—which of these 2 movies is the better mob movie? Does it matter? No. Is it fun? You bet your prosciutto.

Flush your coke, stash your money, and book your ticket to Sicily because no one is safe and crime is our god now.

00:00 Intro
05:49 Movie 1: Goodfellas
26:33 Movie 2: The Godfather
50:32 The Thunderdome
1:05:07 The Finish Line
1:10:55 Wrap Up / Next Week

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This episode was written, produced, and edited by Blake Hawk and Dave Holland.
Our technical advisor is Jordan Hawk.

Special thanks to:
Floriana Lima
Spider’s Failed Bullet Dance
Michael’s Home for Exploding Wives

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