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Born in the Bronx in 1940, John Gotti’s journey through the criminal underworld is nothing short of legendary. Growing up in Queens, he quickly made a name for himself with multiple arrests before he even turned 21, all for street fights and car thefts.

But it was in 1973 that Gotti committed his first murder, seeking vengeance for the death of a Gambino family member by taking down Irish mobster James McBratney.

Tragedy struck in 1980 when Gotti’s son Frank died in a mysterious car accident involving their neighbor, John Favara, who would later vanish under suspicious circumstances.

Gotti’s criminal empire was a lucrative one, amassing millions for himself and an astounding $500 million for the Gambino family through illegal activities. He became known as the ‘Teflon Don’ for his uncanny ability to avoid convictions and the ‘Dapper Don’ for his penchant for fine suits.

In 1986, he famously dodged prison by bribing a juror with $60,000, but his luck would eventually run out. In 1992, the FBI’s eavesdropping operation led to Gotti’s conviction on multiple counts, including murder.

The tide turned when Salvatore ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano, his former hitman, cooperated with Robert Mueller’s FBI case and spilled the secrets of his once-powerful boss, John Gotti.

Behind bars, Gotti endured a life of solitude, spending up to twenty three and a half hours a day in solitary confinement. In 1998, a devastating diagnosis of throat cancer would further darken the final years of the man who had once been the most feared figure in the mafia.

In 2002, John Gotti’s storied and controversial life came to an end, leaving behind a legacy that continues to fascinate and intrigue to this day.

John Gotti being booked by the FBI New York offices on December 11, 1990, By FBI New York –;O=A, Public Domain,
FBI surveillance photograph of Gotti, Gravano, Amuso and Casso, By Federal Bureau of Investigation –, Public Domain,
Mugshots of Gotti during his 1990 arrest, Public Domain,