Grove Street, 1992 | GTA V

Ever wondered how GTA San Andreas would look like if it was released in 2021? This video shows you my take on it. It was recorded in heavily altered GTA V. Some mods were made specifically for this video and are not available for download, as they often are not optimized for gameplay. The mods that are available are listed below. Please note that there is no 3D era story missions mod for GTA V. Every “cutscene” and gameplay part shown here was done manually with Simple Native Trainer, Menyoo and Scene Director, tools that help with making machinimas like these.

– Map mods –
Grove Street Bridge made by Jeremie Dreux

CJ house made by NeuronBoom2773

– Ped mods –
HD Universe Carl Johnson made by almico & Polkien

Big Smoke HD made by legendario9991

Ryder HD made by legendario9991

Cesar Vialpando HD made by legendario9991

Sweet Johnson HD made by legendario9991

Tenpenny Police HD made by legendario9991

Pulaski POLICE HD made by legendario9991

– Vehicle mods –
GTA San Andreas Police Liveries Pack made by Hullian111

Vanillaworks Extended Pack made by VanillaWorks team

Savanna from GTASA by rbsace

– Weapon mods –
Retro UZI 9MM made by FatalKnight

(credit: Remix Nation)
(credit: DJ Kas)
(credit: RescoeZ)