Gymnastics Movie Club: Perfect Body (Commissioned)

We watched the 1997 TV movie Perfect Body and now we REALLY need to talk about it as a family. Especially…

That thing where you just started training elite and you’re 16-27 years old and also the Olympics are tomorrow and you’re going to make it
Gender roles: Still going great, no notes
How bars coaching means just yelling “TAP” 100 times in a row
Why this movie has never heard of high school, or Seattle
What the 1996 team gold did to deserve ALL THE SHADE it gets from this movie
How you get random cortisone injections from Cathy Rigby over by beam
Clingy boyfriends who interrupt training and somehow don’t get murdered????
The Stunt Doubles of Insane Back Flexibility: Chari Knight and Kristie Phillips, and where this movie ranks in terms of gymnastics skill accuracy
Just an extended purple windbreaker fever dream where you train on a low beam in a hotel room
Moody vault timers at sunset and whatever an “All City Gymnastics Demonstration” is
How the soundtrack NAILED it, and much more


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