Hellcats | Full Crime Movie | Ross Hagen | Dee Duffy | Sharyn Kinzie | Del “Sonny” West

In this tale of vengeance and intrigue, the brother and fiancée of a dead policeman infiltrate a female-led biker gang to uncover his murderer.

1968 U.S Sports Thriller Crime Film directed by Robert F. Slatzer.

When a soldier returns from war to find his undercover cop brother dead, he teams up with his brother’s fiancée to infiltrate the notorious drug-dealing biker gang known as the Hellcats. Their mission of vengeance leads them deep into a dangerous world of crime and betrayal, culminating in heart-stopping confrontations and action-packed sequences.

The film has garnered a cult following for its portrayal of the counterculture movement and its raw, exciting narrative. The film captures the essence of the 1960s social upheaval, making it a memorable piece of the crime genre.

Ross Hagen was celebrated for his multifaceted career as an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, particularly within the realms of action, horror, and exploitation cinema. Hagen’s journey in Hollywood spanned over four decades, during which he became renowned for his roles in cult classics and B-movies such as Speedtrap (1977), and Avenging Angel (1985). His rugged charisma and versatility on screen, combined with his adeptness behind the camera, solidified his status as a beloved figure in cinema history.

Director: Robert F. Slatzer
Stars: Ross Hagen, Dee Duffy, Sharyn Kinzie, Del “Sonny” West

Alternate titles:
Brazil – Gatas do Inferno
Canada – Les anges du diable (French)
Greece – Oi agriogates / Οι αγριόγατες
Hungary – A pokol macskái
Norway – Hevn over Hells Angels
Soviet Union – Адские киски
Sweden – Helvetesbrudarna
United Kingdom – The Hellcats

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