Hitler’s Masterplan – Hilter’s World: The Post War Plan – S01 EP01 – History Documentary

Unveil Hitler’s colossal and sinister architectural vision in this episode of Hitler’s World: The Post War Plan. Dive into the grand but eerie Nazi constructions of Nuremberg. Witness the megalomania and dark legacy that underpinned these monumental plans, leaving a chilling imprint on history. Discover the vast scale of these structures and the impact they could have had if history had taken a different turn.


Uncover the ominous truth of Hitler’s astonishingly detailed post-war vision for global dominance in this riveting historical series. Delve into meticulously researched evidence, recently declassified documents, and newly unearthed materials that shed light on the Nazi regime’s concrete ambitions. These were not mere fantasies; they were real, meticulously planned, and could have rewritten the course of history. Join us as we unveil a chilling chapter of the past that still haunts our world today.


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