Home Abduction – Full Movie

Starring: Patti McCormack, Angie Patterson & Violet Hicks
Maggie Richards, a single mother who makes her living by flipping houses, moves into her newest project, a 100 year old Craftsman, with her 8 year old daughter Ava. Several disturbing events plague the home as she attempts to remodel, forcing her to investigate the house’s history. Sylvia, the sweet older lady who lives across the street, tells her that a young girl (close to Ava’s age) disappeared from the home years forty years ago and now Maggie suspects that there might be strange forces at work trying to frighten her and Ava away. We soon learn that the “strange force” is Sylvia herself, who used to live in the home and has now returned to the neighborhood after forty years to reclaim her house…even if she has to kill to get it back…