Hothead (2009) Full Movie | Jamaican Underground Film | Spanish Town Uncut

Filmed in 2009, on a Shoe String budget, Hothead depicts the typical Life of Jamaica youths involve in Gang Culture in Spanish Town.

Directed by :Nicholas Lewis

Copyright Own By: Nicholas Lewis (Primi)
Sean Wright (Nosis
Clifford Browne (Screech)

Time Stamp
3:26- Gal Clown Friction
9:25- Revenge (No Dumping)
16:34- Pick A Side Rasta
18:46- Three A Card Death
21:40- The Beginning Of the End
24:31-Finding Bossy
28:47- Weed Man Diss
31:38- Police Infiltration (Duckman)
40:40-Trying to be a Better Man
44:46-The Exchange
49:17-Bossy Money Gram
52:28-Another 2 Deaths
56:04-Rio Cobre Reasoning
1:01:26-Epic Shootout (Tam Man)
1:06:56-Call For Backup-Retaliation
1:09:38 -Garage Shootout Blood Shed
1:14:53 -Baby Ghost Part 1
1:17:55 -Rasta Operation
1:19:10 -Revenge for Rasta
1:20:56 -Baby Ghost Part 2
1:24:22 -Police Retaliation (Don Lockup)
1:30:43 -Black & White Shootout
1:32:09 -What is the Motive?
1:34:14 -Bossy Last Day
1:40:50 -New Importee
1:41:51 -Bust Throat
1:45:33 -Shabba Runway
1:46:18 -Next Shoot Out
1:50:26 -Bad News
1:52:52 -Her Revenge
1:56:44 -No one Wins in the End!!