How CARLOS LEHDER became a dr↺g-trafficking genius and drowned America in dr↺gs

Carlos Lehder is not as popular of a character as Pablo Escobar, but if wasn’t for Lehder the world might well have never known about the most famous drug lord in history. Lehder was directly responsible for Escobar becoming as rich as he did. He revolutionized the cocaine trade and imported tons of drugs into America, something which no one had done before. Carlos Lehder was directly involved in importing 80% of all cocaine that was imported into the States. He saw America as a rotting society and wanted to destroy it with the help of drugs. He made astronomical sums of money, counting in the billions of dollars, both for himself and for the drug lords. The ludicrous amount of money allowed him to do whatever he wanted, even practically buying his own island, on which he organized crazy orgies with dozens of people that lasted several days. Lehder was a madman who idolized Hitler and was a fan of John Lennon. He even established a neo-Nazi party, planning to eventually overthrow the Colombian government. Carlos was loved and hated. He was considered both intelligent and a jester and ultimately became the enemy not only of America but also of his friends. From a small-time drug dealer to the king of drug trafficking, his life was incredibly bright, dangerous, and interesting, as was its end…

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