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Yuyama Shinya is a former member of the yakuza in Japan. He says he was arrested 11 times, as a juvenile and adult, and has served eight years in prison. He says he joined the Japanese mob when he was 18 and served in several positions before leaving in 2012.

He speaks with Insider about the ways the yakuza makes money, such as extortion and protection rackets. He discusses the initiation ceremonies and rules of membership as well as the ties the yakuza has to other criminal groups, such as the triads and Russian organized crime.

Since leaving the yakuza, Yuyama has turned his back on a life of crime. He runs a YouTube channel and stood for political office on a platform of prison reform.

Chapter 1: The Initiation – 00:47
Chapter 2: The Bosses – 02:03
Chapter 3: The Hierarchy – 05:06
Chapter 4: The Rules – 06:06
Chapter 5: The Money – 08:02
Chapter 6: The Police – 11:29
Chapter 7: The Prisons – 13:36
Chapter 8: The Future – 15:13
Chapter 9: The Aftermath – 16:26

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How The Yakuza Actually Works | How Crime Works | Insider


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