I Watched Every Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie

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Today we’re reviewing and ranking every movie made by the IT GIRLS of my childhood. Let me know your rankings in the comments! Especially if your ranking is the exact same as mine 🙂

Intro- 00:00:00
Parade- 00:03:55
To Grandmother’s House We Go- 00:05:27
Switching Goals- 00:13:53
Getting There- 00:18:21
When in Rome- 00:23:58
Billboard Dad- 00:29:11
How the West was Fun- 00:34:54
Winning London- 00:44:08
Passport to Paris- 00:48:57
Double Double Toil and Trouble- 00:52:54
The Challenge- 00:58:25
It Takes Two- 01:01:30
Holiday in the Sun- 01:05:09
Our Lips are Sealed- 01:10:26
New York Minute- 01:15:19
Conclusion- 01:26:03
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