Incident on a Dark Street (Crime, 1977) by Buzz Kulik | James Olson, William Shatner | Movie

The streets just got a little darker …
A small-time hood is murdered just as he is about to blow the whistle on an organized crime ring.

Original title: Incident on a Dark Street (1977)

This film is available with subtitles in many languages.

Director: Buzz Kulik
Writers: E. Jack Neuman
Stars: James Olson, David Canary, Robert Pine & William Shatner
Genres: Crime, Drama, Made for TV

00:00 Full Movie
01:40 A mysterious encounter involving Vinny, Frank, and Pete, leading to a potential investigation by FBI and other agencies.
09:12 Legal proceedings and construction project discussed in a movie scene.
13:33 Investigation into a suspicious financial situation involving Wallace and Leopold.
22:19: 🔍 Investigation into a crime involving FBI, Miami, and connections between individuals.
28:05 Tensions rise as Frank is questioned about the murder of Vinny, leading to a confrontation and a potential deal for the Portland project.
39:39 Legal proceedings unfold as Arthur Lloyd Trenier faces drug trafficking charges, requesting a one-week pause for defense considerations.
40:48 Legal proceedings involving Francis Begnomino Romeo and his connection to criminal activities are discussed in court.
46:45 Undercover agent confesses to unknowingly assisting in drug trafficking and faces legal consequences.
54:42 Intense confrontation and negotiation between characters, involving threats, money, and coercion.
1:03:38 A meeting between two individuals leads to a discussion about sensitive information and potential consequences.
1:11:43 A conversation about protecting evidence and a plan to prevent a man from going to prison unfolds amidst a crime investigation.
1:19:02 Shilling seeks help from Leopold regarding a valuable information, but Leopold warns him to stay away from trouble. Hirsch questions Pearson about Shilling, and Wallace demands a share of the Portland project funds.
1:29:50 A discussion about a dangerous criminal, Leopold, and a potential plan to take him down.



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