Indagine Su Un Delitto Perfetto (The Perfect Crime) [Original Film Soundtrack] (1978)

Indagine Su Un Delitto Perfetto (The Perfect Crime) [Original Film Soundtrack] (1978)
Composed & Conducted by Carlo Savina (1919-2002)


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2. [01:50] Seq. 2
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7. [11:43] Seq. 7
8. [12:49] Seq. 8
9. [14:26] Seq. 9
10. [17:13] Seq. 10
11. [21:37] Seq. 11
12. [25:01] Seq. 12
13. [28:00] Seq. 13
14. [30:33] Seq. 14
15. [32:51] Seq. 15

Directed and written by Giuseppe Rosati (as Aaron Leviathan), this obscure Italian giallo-crime film stars Gloria Guida, Janet Ågren, Leonard Mann, Paul Muller, Adolfo Celi (1922-1986), Alida Valli (1921-2006), Anthony Steel (1918-2001), Franco Ressel (1925-1985), Joseph Cotten (1905-1994), Mario Novelli (1940-2016), and Hungarian-born Italian actor Tom Felleghy (uncredited). The film distances itself from the tradition of several Argento-like giallo films of the 1970’s and plays more like a classic British murder mystery, similar to the classic thriller novels by Agatha Christie, but with a heavy Italian influence.

The death of a multinational company’s chairman pushes three presidential candidates to plot against each other. We have Sir Paul De Revere (Leonard Mann) who likes visiting his mother at weekends and driving fast cars, Sir Harold Boyd (Adolfo Celi) who has a younger rich wife who got him where he is and is putting it about because she can, and Sir Arthur Dundy (Joseph Cotten) who’s recently had major heart surgery and is ignoring his Doctor’s advice by eating plenty of beef and having sex with the glorious Polly Rennie (Gloria Guida). Eventually, these three vice-presidents are all horribly murdered. Millions of dollars are tied up in these deaths and Scotland Yard discovers that the youngest of the three staged his own murder and organized the death of the others. Little does anyone know but Paul De Revere’s cousin (Franco Ressel) conveniently works for Scotland Yard and starts to investigate these obvious murders himself…

The soundtrack for this film was left in the capable hands of Carlo Savina. The music is very effective in describing the ambiguous side of the plot with a series of suggestive themes with abstract, macabre and mysterious sounds alternated with ‘source’ music with solo piano. The rhythmic main theme focuses on a mixture of jazz, progressive and disco where the voice of Edda Dell’Orso is featured. It is surging with passion and filled with lush romanticism. The master tapes from the original session are used, which were preserved by the Savina Family. Savina was one of the busiest and most prolific Italian musicians during the 1960’s and 1970’s. A proper rescue and preservation on record as tribute to the musical art of the great Carlo Savina….

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