Information Received (1961) British crime b-movie, with William Sylvester & Edward Underdown.

An American safe-cracker, John Stevens, is hired by an English gang to help them in a planned heist, but ends up getting arrested and sent to prison for a crime he had carried out whilst previously in England.
Scotland Yard believe there’s a chance that the gang may try and spring him, and decide to substitute him with undercover man Rick Hogan, and wait to see how things progress.
As it turns out, the police were right, and Hogan is sprung and taken to a safe house. Now that the gang, who have never seen John Stevens, have fallen for the ruse, it’s up to Hogan to try and get details regarding the jail-breaking outfit as well as the heist Stevens had originally been paid to do.
Things don’t go quite as smoothly as Hogan was hoping for, as more ingredients are continually added to the plot.
Pretty good little crime film. There’s a fair bit of stuff going on, including an affair, a murder and lots of double crossing. Oh yes… and one really awful theme song too!


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