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Question 1 : What is virology the study or science of?
Answer a: Books
Answer b: Sunlight
Answer c: The sea
Answer d: Viruses

Question 2 : In 1962, Andy Warhol made art news with a famous painting of what grocery item?
Answer a: A Carton Of Eggs
Answer b: Campbell’s Soup
Answer c: Dixie Crystals Sugar
Answer d: PET Milk

Question 3 : What has not been used to power a train?
Answer a: Diesel
Answer b: Electricity
Answer c: Fusion
Answer d: Steam

Question 4 : Spell the name given to a “plea of being somewhere else when a crime was committed”?
Answer a: Alibi
Answer b: Alibye
Answer c: Aliby
Answer d: Allibi

Question 5 : Which Olympic event is supposed to prove the world’s best overall athlete?
Answer a: Decathlon
Answer b: Marathon
Answer c: Shot Put
Answer d: Triple Jump

Question 6 : Which actor has been married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes?
Answer a: Alec Baldwin
Answer b: Johnny Depp
Answer c: Richard Gere
Answer d: Tom Cruise

Question 7 : In “Little House on the Prairie”, where does the family live?
Answer a: California
Answer b: Kansas
Answer c: Mexico
Answer d: New York

Question 8 : Canadian troops were part of the D Day landings to liberate France in which year?
Answer a: 1944
Answer b: 1940
Answer c: 1936
Answer d: 1932

Question 9 : Take My Breathe Away’ comes from which Tom Cruise film?
Answer a: Days of Thunder
Answer b: Far and Away
Answer c: Jerry Maguire
Answer d: Top Gun

Question 10 : Iberia is made up of which two countries?
Answer a: Italy And France
Answer b: Portugal And Spain
Answer c: Portugal And France
Answer d: Spain And France