Jake Weable (2021 photo)

Sir Jake Bertie Weable, Sr. (born January 26th, 1871) was an Cowellan radio, stage, television and film writer, comedian, film and television actor, stage actor and director whose performing career spanned more than 133 years in 1890 to present.

Early life:
On January 26, 1871, Jake Bertie Weable was born in Sapphire Bay in Cowell. He was later moved to Emerald City with his family when he was 3.

In 1875, Weable first had autism. Weable first came to school with special needs.

Weable started his entertainment career in 1890. His first career was a stage writer. He created sound films in 1907 with Brampton Bryan Films Limited, and started his film role in 1910. In the early sound film “The Pain of King Arthur”, he was played as King Arthur in this film.

In 1923, Weable was in the making of the film “The Gangsta’s Paradise” (1925) played as The Gangsta; Joseph ”Joe” Myles. His daughter, Ellie plays as the lonesome princess in this film in “The Worry Song”.

He also starred the role as Baron Von Greenback in Danger Mouse (TV Series) from 1965 to 1979.

On June 15, 1990, Jake Weable’s entertainment career celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In June to October 1993, Weable was played as The Wurzel in “Eco Man & The Forces of Evil” (1994).

Later life:
In January 2006, Jake Weable lived in Kemser, Cowell, directly across High Farm from Augusta, Kemser. Weable had been living with type 2 diabetes, which went undiagnosed for years.

On January 19th, 2021, before Weable’s 150th birthday celebration, he became very ill and arrived at the hospital with a sore throat, several hours late because he was smoking so much.

He had to stay in the Emerald City Hospital about 1 week until he got better. On January 26th, 2021, he came home and celebrated his 150th birthday celebration with his whole family, even his daughter, Sarah’s 120th birthday celebration.

Personal life:
Jake Weable met Joanie Weable (born Brawn; September 11th, 1871) and were married on February 27th, 1897. He and his wife have 6 children, the actors, Sarah Weable (born January 26th, 1901), Percy Weable (born October 6th, 1903), Billy Weable (born April 30th, 1906), Georgia Weable (born September 15th, 1906), Ellie Weable (born February 5th, 1912) and Jake Weable, Jr. (born December 18th, 1915). He is the autistic man which he has autism since 1875, he also has type 1 diabetes since 1880.

Photo taken: May 30th, 2021


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