Jawan Full Movie 1080p HD In Hindi 2023 | Shahrukh Khan | Nayanthara | Story & Facts

Azad is the jailer of a women’s prison in Mumbai who hijacks a Mumbai Metro train with a group of six inmates: Lakshmi, Eeram, Ishkra, Kalki, Helena and Janhvi. He negotiates with NSG officer Narmada Rai to ask the Agriculture Minister to send ₹40,000 crore in exchange for the passengers’ lives. Kalee Gaikwad, a global arms dealer, learns that his daughter Alia is one of the captives and agrees to fund the deal. Azad plans to donate that money toward the loan waiver of 700,000 impoverished farmers in the country. Azad and his gang transfer the funds into the farmers’ bank accounts and escape. Through Alia, he reveals his name as Vikram Rathore to Kalee.

Azad meets Narmada and her young daughter Suchi, and they get married. Azad and his gang next kidnap the Health Minister and demand better infrastructure at government hospitals in exchange for the Health Minister’s life. The infrastructure is immediately upgraded and Azad and his gang escape again. After their wedding, Narmada discovers Azad’s true identity, and Kalee’s brother Manish captures and tortures the couple. Azad is saved by his doppelgänger, Vikram Rathore. Narmada confronts Azad’s accomplices in the jail by disguising herself as an inmate. Here, she learns about Azad and Vikram’s connection.

Staring – Shahrukh Khan
Director: Atlee Kumar
Budget: 300 crores INR
Box office: est. ₹1,148.32 crore
Producer: Gauri Khan

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