Jigsaw 1962 (British Crime film) ᴴᴰ

Jigsaw is a 1962 British crime film that was written and directed by Val Guest. The film stars Jack Warner and Ronald Lewis and is based on the police procedural novel “Sleep Long, My Love” by Hillary Waugh, but with the setting changed from a small town in Connecticut to Brighton, Sussex. The film was filmed with the cooperation of the Brighton Borough Police and the East Sussex Constabulary, which were dealing with a major corruption scandal.

The plot follows two local detectives who are investigating the death of a woman who was found dismembered and incinerated. The detectives methodically follow leads to identify both the victim and the main suspect, who used a false identity to rent the house where the body was found. The investigation takes an unexpected turn when they arrest a suspect who denies any involvement in the murder. After the victim is identified, the detectives realize that another suspect may have lied about a crucial detail, leading them to uncover the truth about the woman’s death.

Inspector Detective Jack Warner Fellows, Fred
Sergeant Detective Ronald Lewis Bob Wilks
The Jean Sherman of Yolande Donlan

Clyde Burchard is played by Michael Goodliffe.
As Mr. Simpson, John Le Mesurier
“Joan Simpson” by Moira Redmond
Mrs. Simpson, played by Christine Bocca
As Frank Restlin, Brian Oulton
Sergeant Gorman, played by Ray Barrett
Andy Roach, played by Norman Chappell
Ray Tenby, played by John Barron
Mrs. Banks in Joan Newell

Val Guest is the director.
Written by Val Guest
based on a Hillary Waugh novel
Val produced Guest Starring
Warner, Jack
Yolande Donlan Ronald Lewis
John Goodliffe
Le Mesurier, John
Charles Grant
Bill Lenny was the editor.
The color spectrum is Black and white
Production scompany sFigaro
released through Brittania Films
Released on August 12, 1962 (London)
Duration: 107 minutes
nation United Kingdom
Language English

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