KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952) [film noir] [crime]

Kansas City Confidential is a 1952 American film noir and crime film directed by Phil Karlson starring John Payne and Coleen Gray. The film was released in the United Kingdom as The Secret Four. Karlson and Payne teamed a year later for 99 River Street, another film noir, followed by Hell’s Island, a film noir in color.

This film is now in the public domain in home video and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony Pictures for theatrical, TV and Internet.

John Payne as Joe Rolfe
Coleen Gray as Helen Foster
Preston Foster as Tim Foster
Neville Brand as Boyd Kane
Lee Van Cleef as Tony Romano
Jack Elam as Pete Harris
Dona Drake as Teresa
Mario Siletti as Tomaso
Howard Negley as Andrews
Carleton Young as Martin
Don Orlando as Diaz
Ted Ryan as Morelli


KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952) [film noir] [crime]

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