Killer Bait (1955) 📽Classic Film Noir Crime Drama Movie📽 Lizabeth Scott, Don De Fore, Dan Duryea

Killer Bait is a black and white classic film-noir crime drama movie released in 1955, directed by Byron Haskin and starring Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea and Arthur Kennedy. The screenplay was written by Roy Huggins, developed from a serial he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post.

The film originally came out in 1949 as Too Late For Tears and then was reissued as Killer Bait in 1955. In this classic crime drama, Lizabeth Scott stars as a femme fatale murderous attempt to hold on to a suitcase containing US$60,000 that does not belong to her. Killer Bait is a must-see film noir.

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