Korea War battle – Taking of Longyuan Hill [Eng Sub] 龙缘峰攻坚战

This clip is the prequel to “Defense of Longyuan Hill”. It’s an excerpt from the 2016 Chinese war drama, “38th Parallel”. The 1st company is tasked with infiltrating and seizing the strategic location of Longyuan hill. From there, they could block the escape route of UN forces fleeing south from North Korean territory. This would effectively help the main forces of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (PVA) to eliminate UN troops.

On the educative front, the Chinese contemporary military tactics depiction here is the most realistic to date. In Korea War, PVA frequently sent detachment of troops to infiltrate behind UN frontlines. When in battle, PVA deployed 3-3 formations, with 3 soldiers forming a fire team, and 3 teams forming an attack squad. The 3 fire teams in an attack squad would advance in triangle, providing covering fire for each other as well as avoiding flanking enemies from the sides. Furthermore, with the 3-3 formation, soldiers are scattered far enough to reduce the efficiency of incoming explosives and heavy machine-gun fire. Most of the PVA’s fire-support was provided by machine-gun squad, while the common soldiers took turns to fire their standard rifles to maintain a somewhat constant firing rate. Another often-deployed tactic was diversionary attack and flanking enemy positions from the back. All of these are accurately portrayed in this video.



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