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Movie name: New World

The death of Shi Dongdae, the president of the Golden Gate Group and the leader of the violent group in the Tiger faction, in a car accident caused a lot of shock in both the black and white sectors. In order to curb the further penetration of the Golden Gate Group into the legal sphere and its continued growth, the police promptly proposed the “New World Project”, which aimed to interfere with the election of the Golden Gate Group’s successor. In order to stop the further infiltration of the Golden Gate Group into the legitimate sector and its growth, the police propose the “New World Project”, which aims to interfere with the election of the successor of the Golden Gate Group. In the midst of the crisis, police chief Kang (Choi Min-sik) orders Lee Ja-sung (Lee Jung-jae), who has been undercover for ten years, to influence the outcome of the election. He has been in the police force for 10 years, but he has been working undercover for 10 years. He has been bored with the life of a gangster for a long time, but he has no choice but to throw himself into a very dangerous black vortex.
  The battlefield is full of blood and desire, when will the new world come?

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