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This black-and-white film contains outtakes from a documentary entitled “Las Vegas: Frontier Town of Two Centuries”. This material was shot in 1953, marking a significant moment in Las Vegas history. This footage showcases key elements that contributed to Las Vegas’ post-World War II growth, including its casino industry, legalized gambling, hotels, airport, and nearby ranches. The video includes footage of the El Rancho Hotel and Casino, which opened in 1941 and was the first resort on the Las Vegas Strip. It also shows the McCarran International Airport, built in 1948. Furthermore, the film features footage from Tule Springs, a dude ranch that attracted visitors who wanted to establish residency in Nevada for six weeks to take advantage of the state’s liberalized divorce laws. The film also showcases the newly-opened Desert Inn and Flamingo hotels, which have remained famous landmarks on the Strip to this day.

(00:07) Gamblers use a roulette wheel.
(00:23) A man and a woman place gambling chips on a board.
(00:42) The man and woman converse.
(00:57) Close-up of a roulette wheel.
(01:11) Individuals observe the roulette wheel.
(01:54) The sheriff of Clark County discusses the legalization and taxation of gambling.
(02:29) He explains that legalization helps control crime.
(02:42) A Western Airlines plane at the airport.
(02:54) Tourists with their luggage.
(03:01) Travelers disembark from the airplane.
(03:11) The El Rancho Hotel in Las Vegas is shown.
(03:21) The art deco Flamingo Hotel, built in 1946, is displayed.
(03:24) The newly-opened Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn is seen.
(03:28) The hotel was known for its pool.
(03:35) Bathers enjoy the pool.
(03:46) Women laugh.
(03:52) Women sunbathe.
(03:59) A highway sign for Tule Springs Ranch.
(04:09) The dude ranch gained popularity after World War II.
(04:29) A man prepares to ride a horse.
(04:52) A woman mounts a horse.
(05:18) Three people get on horses.
(05:41) Horseback riders explore the countryside.
(05:54) Cacti and mountains near the ranch.
(06:05) A man plays a guitar near a campfire.
(06:16) Horses roam.
(06:26) People in cowboy hats sing.
(06:40) Mountain ranges surround Las Vegas.
(06:50) Joshua Trees in Nevada.
(06:59) A man plays an acoustic guitar while a woman sings.
(07:10) The campsite with mountains in the background.

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