Lash LaRue Western Law of the Lash

Law of the Lash is a 1947 American Western film directed by Ray Taylor. It was the first lead role of Lash LaRue who had previously appeared in three of PRC’s Eddie Dean Cinecolor Westerns, and the first pairing of Lash with sidekick Al “Fuzzy” St. John.

A U.S. marshal attempts to clean up a town that has been taken over by crooks.

Directed by Ray Taylor
Written by William L. Nolte (original screenplay)
Produced by Jerry Thomas
Cinematography Robert E. Cline
Edited by Hugh Winn
Music by Albert Glasser
Distributed by Producers Releasing Corporation
Release date Feb. 28, 1947 (United States)

Lash LaRue as “Cheyenne” Davis
Al St. John as Fuzzy
Lee Roberts as Henchman “Lefty”
Mary Scott as Jane Hilton
Jack O’Shea as Gang Leader Decker, aka Dude Bracken
Charles King as Sheriff Rand
Carl Mathews as Henchman “Blackie”
Matty Roubert as Henchman “Peewee”
John Elliott as Dad Hilton
Slim Whitaker as Henchman Bart
Ted French as Henchman “Smitty”
Richard Cramer as Jake, the Bartender


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