Left to the elements! – Untouched Abandoned American Family’s Home

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Amidst the frost-kissed expanse of one of America’s Eastern states, a derelict homestead stands as a time-stricken monument to a family’s vanished legacy.
It was once inhabited by the spirited duo, Mrs. Marjie and Mr. Roland, whose love for history and worldly wonders infused life into each corner.
Their wanderlust painted vivid memories — journeys across states, and even traversing the borders into Mexico. Yet, time etched its story. Mr. Roland’s passing left Mrs. Marjie to navigate the last years alone, her spirit intertwined with the remnants of their shared adventures.
Within, frozen echoes of eras remain — a calendar halted in 1954, an embroidered relic indicating the year 1983, and their stories suspended in time. Outside, snow-shrouded relics, three cars veiled in frost, silent witnesses to past escapades.
Sub-zero temperatures have birthed surreal scenes, icicles are weaving through forgotten rooms, crafting an eerie serenade to solitude. Today, braving the biting cold, we are uncovering the untold memoirs of this abandoned dwelling—a testament to Marjie, Roland, and their son Michael’s untold odyssey.

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Abandoned USA Series Ep. 16: Left to the elements! – Untouched Abandoned American Family’s Home
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