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A classic tale of revenge in which a drifter searches for the man responsible for the death of his parents… a man known as King Kong.

1982 Hong Kong Action Martial Arts Film directed and written by Godfrey Ho

Leopard Fist is a loner who has traveled a lot, looking for opportunities to improve and finally hone his fighting skills. The film begins with Leopard Fist witnessing the murder of his parents, which makes him vow to take revenge for it and embarks on a journey to find those responsible and kill them. While searching for them, he meets an old kung fu master who helps him train and learns the martial arts of the leopard, which give him superhuman strength and agility. What Leopard Fist doesn’t know is that the ninjas he seeks are waiting for him, especially the one called King Kong.

The film is an example of the 1980s kung fu genre, which is characterized by over-the-top action scenes and melodramatic plots. It also features a number of memorable action scenes, including a kung fu fight on a rooftop, a sword fight in a forest, and a final battle between Leopard Fist and the ninjas. It also features a number of kitschy elements, such as a villain character wearing a top hat and cape and a scene in which Leopard Fist takes on an army of ninjas.

Some of Ho’s most famous films include The Ninja Squad (1986), Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (1988), Challenge of the Ninja (1986), Ninja Terminator (1986), and Ninja Dragon (1987). He also directed a number of films in other genres, such as crime, kung fu, and horror. Ho retired from filmmaking in 2000, but his films continue to be enjoyed by fans of cult cinema around the world. He is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential filmmakers of the Z movie genre.

Director: Godfrey Ho
Stars: Jack Lam, Willie Freeman, Chung Wok

Alternative Titles: The Leopard Fist Ninja
Foreign Language Title:
Spanish: La gran venganza ninja

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