Lights of New York (NY) 1928 Crime Drama Film – Full Movie Helene Costello, Cullen Landis

Lights of New York is a 1928 American crime drama film starring Helene Costello, Cullen Landis, Wheeler Oakman and Eugene Pallette, and directed by Bryan Foy. Filmed in the Vitaphone sound-on-disc sound system, it is the first all-talking full-length feature film, released by Warner Bros., who had introduced the first feature-length film with synchronized sound Don Juan two years earlier, and the first with spoken dialogue, The Jazz Singer, one year earlier. The film, which cost $23,000 to produce (“B” picture), grossed over $1 million. The enthusiasm with which audiences greeted the talkies was so great that by the end of 1929, Hollywood was producing sound films exclusively.